Energy Pot(28cm) - Retain up to 85% of the food nutritional value after cooking

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Product Description

The Classy Style Energy Pot comes in 2 sizes that is 24cm and 28cm. The Energy Pot is able to keep the freshness of the food at its highest level, to maintain the originality of the flavors and to enhance the overall taste of the food. This product regulates the amount of heat energy that enters the pot when cooking thereby retaining up to 85% of the food nutritional value after cooking i.e vegetables retain it’s original colour and taste.

  • Preserve food nutrient and energy brought into the pot
  • Soup cooked in the pot is clear, taste fresh and the bottom of the pot does not paste
  • Original flavour of the food is maintained and energy is also brought into the pot
  • Fruits kept in the pot remains fresh and healthy after days
  • People who eat the food will feel comfortable from head to foot, invigorating the spleen and promoting appetite
  • Food cooked in energizing pot is fresh and tender after a long time
  • The working principle is that it can spontaneously generate resonance to automatically gather, integrate, enhance and amplify the weak and disorderly energy in space and change into a new energy field
  • It can increase oxygen content of the blood and enhance the body’s resistance to fatigue and disease
  • Also comes in 24cm